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PODCAST – Unruffled: Respectful Parenting: Janet Landsbury is an author and parenting expert who focuses on infants and toddlers in her weekly podcasts. Combining millions of readers and podcast subscribers, The Washington Post notes that Landsbury is able to reach out to inform, inspire, and support parents with young children. Landsbury offers support on topics that include toddler defiance and meltdowns, coping with high-needs children, bullying among toddlers, and highly emotional children. This expert podcast host balances objective and practical advice with a genuine empathy for parents’ struggles in raising developmentally healthy and happy children.


Self Regulation, sometimes just called Self Reg, involves the regulation of emotions and is an important part of child development. Our emotional systems are powerful, and, among other things, they provide the energy and power that drive our fight/flight defensive systems and, with the development of self-control, they play important roles in our basic motivational systems. Parents play important roles in their infants’ and children’s’ emotional self regulation. Parents help their infants by soothing, calming, or distracting them when their emotional systems get away from them, sometimes when they are just tired, hungry or uncomfortable. Starting from when they begin to work on issues related to autonomy at 18 months to 2 years of age, children begin the important developmental processes of mastering their own Self Regulation. Parents can help a lot here too. Stuart Shanker is a psychologist who has worked with families and children and conducted research for many years on Self-Reg. You can download a Self-Reg parent information sheet here that talks about Self-Reg and what parents can do to help their children develop in this important area. If you want more information you can send a question to AskCHANCES using the link above at the top of this page or you can have get Dr. Shanker’s book Self-Reg: How to help your child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life.